Minecraft server update 5/17/21

I’ve been made aware that the built in Minecraft whitelist protocol is failing to add the UUID of bedrock players into my Minecraft java server. I noticed how the /whitelist command only searched for player UUID’s from Mojangs account servers, and have amended the command for use with in game operators to fix this bug. Minecraft bedrock players no longer need to join with the whitelist disabled as they should be able to be added just like java players would. All bedrock players will have a “*” in front of their name, this represents that some java only features will be missing. I’ve modified server anti-cheat and flight values as to not false positive bedrock players when the movement exceeds the tick rate of the server. The goal is a solid 20, but that isn’t always achievable, even on my modern hardware, so please allow some tick rate fluctuation as well as ease of life features to be disabled as we allow more and more bedrock players access to the world. One notable feature that has been disabled is the planting of tree saplings that previously caused unusual tick rate fluctuation. Please note that Craftory tech items will make little sense to bedrock players as they cant see invisible armor stands, or custom furnaces, however the GUI on these items will always still work outside of the recipe book: “/cr recipebook”. If you have any questions let me know at jake@serverboi.org, or fill out a whitelist application to join in on the survival server.

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