Minecraft server update 6/19/21

1.17 is just around the corner and in anticipation of the new world features the pre-generated world was reset in favor of a non pre-generated world. In the past I saved ram usage by pre-generating the world, making it easier on the server to load chunk data. This has the apparent disadvantage of not being useful to the 1.17 update, as the new caves will be rendered as chunks and are generated outside and around spawn. The world has been reset, and about a week or two earlier than anticipated due to massive chunk errors due to an error in the custom world generation. Because blocks have custom physics, floating islands cause lag and other unwanted behavior, such as a large amount of entities around the islands due to the huge shadow they would cast. Another problem arose as the new java requirement that made many plugins inoperable, or caused unexplainable behavior during testing.

Massive floating islands caused by the world generation config being reset from a failed 1.17 update.
High CPU/RAM usage when no players online has been addressed. Would sometimes cause the server to fail to respond and thus would never restart, and the cycle would continue.

The server has been upgraded to 24 GB of ram as I expect chunk loading to take a bigger hit on server performance due to the world no longer being pre-generated. I expect CPU usage to raise nearly 50% with this update, so lots of measures need to be put in place to prevent the server from overloading, which as of lately is very common with 1.17 and legacy plugins. The update has been postponed until at least paperMC recives the 1.17 update, and not the early test build.

It is best to wait as to be certain the server is stable.

Hopefully purpur receives an update soon after so the server can continue using purpurs advanced features. Plugins have been fast to update, others have been slow, so I’ve already begun working on updates of the servers custom plugins, and now must wait for the community to update to the new version. The server is still waiting on essentials, animated tablist, and the dozens of legacy plugins the server uses. Many optimizations have been made, or are in the process of being made. such as datapacks and their inherit instability due to updates, or the new requirement of Java 16. Lots of testing will be done on a separate server so make the update as smooth as is possible. So far, nothing but chaos has been seen from 1.17, so my expectations are low an update can be made in the next week, but I will continue applying stable updates as needed leading up to 1.17, and optimizing the server for use on all platforms. Cracked accounts have never been allowed as they can bypass name restrictions that are put in place my Mojang, and I’m fully aware of the bypasses cracked users can use to join premium servers and doing so is extremely discouraged but can be done as long as a unique username is used. That being said, bedrock and java is supported and piracy of the game is not at all encouraged to play on the server. Let me know if there is anything I can assist with.

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