Minecraft server update 10/30/2021

Performance over features

As of late, my personal expectations for the development of multiple plugins has never been higher, yet the bar for plugins has seemingly always been low. Since the dawn of modded multiplayer minecraft, you come to expect imperfections that have yet to be ironed out, but it seems there is always something lingering in the confines of unoriginal code. It seems like a consistent theme in minecraft server administration that if a plugin isn’t working the way you wan’t it too, you’d be better off writing your own. And in the essence of D-I-Y or die, to a certain extent, if it isn’t your own then there is almost no point to bother.

Multiple plugins, mods and, datapacks the server has reluctantly relied upon have become too far out of line with the ideal expectations I’m trying to make with my servers backend, either through discontinuation, lack of features or whatever else, the plugin meta has become corrupted with the acceptance of incompleteness in the open source space. As a result I, an independent administrator with no more than a moderate background of programming, am left the job the community has split upon by branching into paid and free development paths.

Multiple features have been rewritten for compatibility with cross-platform players. To name a few: mob leveling has been reworked to incorporate new players in the mob leveling algorithm,chest sorting, status effects have been re-balanced to give a more realistic feel to combat, chunk-entity levels have been adjusted for performance and to give caves a threatening atmosphere. Craftory has been taken out in favor of slime-fun and craft-book, A server resource pack has been created for all sorts of combinations of environmental challenges.

The server hardware has been reconfigured. It was about time the server saw a makeover. Going from a sleeper dell optiplex small form factor to a modest 1U rackmount ready for the latest i-7 the 1150 socket can handle.

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