Network attached everything

The idea of a NAS (Network Attached Storage) is to setup a box that runs somewhere on the network as a storage device. They make it easy to store a large amount of data because you aren’t limited by your arbitrary network rate limit set by your isp, rather your only bottleneck is the hardware you use. They make a great solution to watch movies, or to save important files for later. I’ve had my NAS for a while and in that time I’ve made some sweet upgrades to it as I saw fit. First lets take a look at the before picture:

The first thing that stands out is how insignificant the footprint of those drives are, all things considered, it is a light yet functional setup, especially with my install of openmediavault running everything. I ran a raid one setup with double 1 terabyte drives for FTP and a standalone 1 TB for a windows share. I threw everything together inside an old gaming case, then adjusted the fan curves to make it run at a low noise level. Overall for a recyvled system, a very good value for a starter setup. Next lets take a look at my current setup:

As is apparent I upgraded the storage space by adding 2 more drives to my raid array. As my MEGAROMSERVER project continued to grow in size, I needed a scalable solution that was fast, this built fit the bill exactly how I wanted. I picked up the antec server tower case from amazon and was surprised to find more than enough room for all my fans, seriously though, this case has crazy airflow. I decided to start mining Ether on my NAS system as It had a free pcie slot and ample power, and in hindsight I should’ve done this long ago, It is quiet and stays cool 24 hours a day. I’m happy and more importantly my RX6700XT is happy. I added gigabit network card and it pairs nicely with my gigabit switch. I started the process of migrating all my containers to a seperate machine as I have plans of running this machine on its own subnet for extra security for my companion script.

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