Minecraft server update 10/30/2021

Performance over features As of late, my personal expectations for the development of multiple plugins has never been higher, yet the bar for plugins has seemingly always been low. Since the dawn of modded multiplayer minecraft, you come to expect imperfections that have yet to be ironed out, but it seems there is always something […]

Minecraft server update 6/19/21

1.17 is just around the corner and in anticipation of the new world features the pre-generated world was reset in favor of a non pre-generated world. In the past I saved ram usage by pre-generating the world, making it easier on the server to load chunk data. This has the apparent disadvantage of not being […]

Minecraft server update 5/17/21

I’ve been made aware that the built in Minecraft whitelist protocol is failing to add the UUID of bedrock players into my Minecraft java server. I noticed how the /whitelist command only searched for player UUID’s from Mojangs account servers, and have amended the command for use with in game operators to fix this bug. […]