Network attached everything

The idea of a NAS (Network Attached Storage) is to setup a box that runs somewhere on the network as a storage device. They make it easy to store a large amount of data because you aren’t limited by your arbitrary network rate limit set by your isp, rather your only bottleneck is the hardware […]


Want to cut to the chase? Skip to the install instructions if you don’t care about the prologue. First off, whats the big deal with saving old software? It is the common life cycle of software to get lost to time or forgotten about, and keeping the works of talented individuals alive can be beneficial […]

Minecraft server update 6/19/21

1.17 is just around the corner and in anticipation of the new world features the pre-generated world was reset in favor of a non pre-generated world. In the past I saved ram usage by pre-generating the world, making it easier on the server to load chunk data. This has the apparent disadvantage of not being […]

Minecraft server update 5/17/21

I’ve been made aware that the built in Minecraft whitelist protocol is failing to add the UUID of bedrock players into my Minecraft java server. I noticed how the /whitelist command only searched for player UUID’s from Mojangs account servers, and have amended the command for use with in game operators to fix this bug. […]

Keeping data safe and accessible

View the update to this post here. During a recent emergency involving an electrical fire, the physiological idea of what minimal items I should save brought up a topic relating to data security, protection, and redundancy within my home data-center environment. In the event of a sudden catastrophic hard drive failure, the likelihood of being […]

How and why you should optimize your WIFI network

If you live in an urban sprawl like I do, then you’ll know the sheer density of Wi-fi signals bouncing around at any given time. But have you ever considered the negative implications of being in a Wi-fi dense area? If you’re running into wireless connectivity problems like I used to frequent, then it could […]