Want to cut to the chase? Skip to the install instructions if you don’t care about the prologue. First off, whats the big deal with saving old software? It is the common life cycle of software to get lost to time or forgotten about, and keeping the works of talented individuals alive can be beneficial […]

Ethics of digital rights management

Do you really own the products you buy? It seems more and more apparent that tech companies discourage tampering and non-authorized repair, and in the case of DVD’s shouldn’t the initial cost of a movie cover unlimited use of it? In reality due to digital rights management the licenses’ distributed to the end user only […]

A briefing on VPN’s through NAT

When I originally created a VPN, I used the rudimentary port forward method that plenty of online guides hesitantly endorse. However, I found the underlaying security malpractices, and various compromises this method foresees, as complete oversight and continued using my flawed virtual network for encryption on the internet. One of my two uses cases are […]