1: First, make sure you have filled out a whitelist application, and included your username, and the platform of that username. Including an email makes it easier to contact you regarding your whitelist submission. Everyone is accepted, so if you don’t get in right away just be patient.

If your xbox name has already been taken, it will auto-assign an ID suffix of numbers after a # symbol to keep everybody unique, if your name has been taken, you must include both the username and the ID suffix. in your whitelist application.

2: If you are on bedrock, make sure you have either added the server if allowed, or established a DNS connection to a bedrock connect DNS server in your console settings:

If you can’t access custom servers after using bedrock connect DNS, it is because your console is still using DNS cache, restart your router, console, and try to connect again.

See the source image

If you are on Java, make sure your account is a paid Minecraft java account. If you play on a cracked version, (like T launcher) you cannot play unless you purchased a copy of the game, or can trick the Mojang account servers. If you use the official game launcher and still have issues connecting, restart your game client. After these steps if you still receive an authentication error, a malicious program could be effecting your hosts file. If you don’t want to pay for the full game but still want to play, look into latest bedrock edition .apks for android, or xbox game pass.

3: If you already submitted a whitelist application and are getting “you are not on the whitelist!” It could be because you have not been accepted yet, or entered an incorrect name in the whitelist application. If you made a mistake on the whitelist, just submit another one. I will always send a message to confirm a whitelist acceptance, and if you find out you are not on the whitelist after receiving that message, it is because you entered an incorrect or nonexistent name.

If you are getting “Unable to connect to world” on bedrock, it could be due to a simple account error or because a firewall is blocking the outgoing traffic of the game. Sign out of Xbox through Minecraft, then sign back in, and try again. If that doesn’t work allow UDP packets on port 19132 of your machine, or your router firewall.

If you get an error about the version of the server, it is because you are either on a very old version of the game, or a very new one. Beta builds of Minecraft are also unsupported if you are a Minecraft Beta tester.

If the resource pack never starts installing on bedrock, just reconnect.

Let me know if I can be of assistance to anyone having trouble connecting: